Ps3 / xbox coaching

‘SHOOT’ ‘PASS’ are the shouts I hear a lot in grassroots football, even more so now as I’m currently coaching a group of U7’s on a Saturday and Monday evening. Currently every other Saturday we visit our local powerleague as the local league sets up a group of bi-weekly friendlies for 3 months, to help children & managers get use to match day. The teams are grouped by ability then they play a set of 3 x 5v5 fixtures 12 min fixtures against various teams. I have no real issue with that, apart from all the scouts there, everton sent 8 (yes 8) scouts to watch the games, but thats an issue for another day

My concern is the constant instructions shouted by the majority of coaches, they don’t understand the damage their doing to there players. They might as well be at home playing FIFA on the xbox or ps3 as their not letting their players think for themselves. It is hard not to shout, its taken me a while to do this when managing my sons u13 team on a Sunday during matches. You may think your not doing anything but you are and your players will be better thinking and faster decision makers long term for it. As a coach your turn to talk to a player is during the interval, if its really needed make a sub (as we have rolling subs) and talk to the player then.

At Grassroots clubs we insist on putting the most inexperienced players with the most inexperienced Manager/coaches. More must be done to help these coaches (if they want it) as bad habits die hard.


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