Hey Coach, leave those laps alone!!

Its that time of the year most players hate pre-season. Why do they hate it? Most pre-season session involve laps, press ups and beastings, without a football in sight.

I see this myself every season, as the field we train on is used by a number of teams ranging from u8’s to men’s teams. Unfortunately most of session aren’t dissimilar in content. I saw a team of u10’s do a lap round a field the size of 6 football pitches and then some work in-between some poles, so that’s half the team’s session gone before they’ve touched a ball and they’ll be knackered. That’s happened because the coach is a u17 player and doesn’t know any better, as he does it as a player there for it must be right?

I’m all for fitness work but it must be enjoyable and with a ball as much as possible and engage then mentally as well. When in a game do players run for long periods of time? Most players work in sprints.

You can run high intensity session’s that will get you players physically and mentally fit, with out beasting them before touching a ball. If you want to work on your teams fitness/stamina get the team to go on a regular bike ride or swimming session, that then leaves your normal training session for football.

So let’s see the end to laps at training sessions and more ball work…


1 thought on “Hey Coach, leave those laps alone!!

  1. I Totally agree!!! I work with middle school/high school players in a area of town where futbol/soccer is Not the main sport! often many of the kids i get are very Athletic, but new to the sport! many of the school’s coaches,come from a football (U S style) or track background so they “really” Enjoy all of the Drills and conditioning. So Hard to get them (other coaches) to Understand, that it is ONLY a small part of the puzzle. I try Very Hard to PUSH for (ALOT) of SSG’s and Watching,Praticteing and PLAYING!!! Coach Cary Nelson M.H. Jackson High School Atlanta,Ga

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